Cancer - Step Outside the Box (6th Edition)

Cancer - Step Outside the Box (6th Edition)


Now in its 6th Edition (recently updated in 2014) and with over 150,000 copies sold since 2006, Cancer-Step Outside the Box is a "must-have" book that everyone should own. According to Dr. Rashid Buttar, author of The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away, "Ty Bollinger's book, Cancer-Step Outside the Box, is an extraordinarily thorough and courageously well written book, brought to fruition by the dedication of a son for his departed parents. I found it difficult to put down this exceptional book once I began reading it and plan on recommending it to all my patients suffering from cancer who seek treatment at our clinic so that the light of truth and hope contained within this book can shine brightly on them as well." In the words of cancer survivor, Brad Matznick, "I am not a journalist, that's Ty's job, so I won't drag this out ... I am a cancer survivor and this book was a huge contribution to my survival (it's one of the best books on the subject). Ty is a rebel... maybe even somewhat eccentric, but you can't ignore what he's saying. Read this book if you or someone you care about has cancer ...'nuff said." With satisfied readers in over 50 countries worldwide, Cancer-Step Outside the Box is a roadmap to successfully treating cancer and regaining your health! This book is chock full of the most effective, non-toxic cancer treatments in the world. Truth be told, there are many potent and well-proven alternative strategies for preventing and treating cancer... without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation (the "Big 3"). Inside this book, you will find a wealth of information that your doctor probably does not know. Here's why: while at medical school, doctors learn a very drug-intensive style of medicine, because multinational pharmaceutical companies ("Big Pharma") funds the medical schools. As a result, most doctors are still thinking "inside the box" when it comes to cancer treatments. The "cancer box" is largely the creation of Big Pharma attempting to peddle their poisons (such as chemotherapy) in an effort to increase shareholder profits. Sadly, these profits are generated at the expense of cancer patients. In the words of radio talk show icon, Jeff Rense, "I have been involved with so called 'alternative approaches to cancer' for a long time. This book is 'the Bible' - buy it and you will be amazed. It is a masterpiece." This book succinctly explains the facts and deceptions about cancer and cancer treatments, it documents multiple cases of persecution and suppression of effective natural cancer treatments, it details the most potent advanced cancer treatment protocols, and it clearly explains the relationship between nutrition and cancer. According to Dr. Irvin Sahni, M.D., "I found this book to be absolutely amazing. I am a practicing physician in United States. The fact that Ty Bollinger does not have formal medical training only makes it that much more impressive. I have recently been interested in nutrition, and Ty's section on nutrition in this book nearly constitutes an entire separate publication on its own. As a medical doctor, I can tell you that his facts are spot on ... I would recommend this book to anyone who has cancer, anyone who has a family member with cancer, or anyone who's interested in promoting health in their own life to try and prevent cancer. This book will open your mind and nourish your intellect."

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