Survive and Thrive : The International Student's Guide to Succeeding in the U.S.

Survive and Thrive : The International Student's Guide to Succeeding in the U.S.


There has been a remarkable explosion in the numbers of international students coming to the U.S. for educational purposes. While the U.S. has been a popular destination for foreign nationals to come for their university experience, the most notable increase has been students coming for one or all of their high school years in preparation for getting into the university of their choice. There are many excellent resources for the cultural exchange student who comes to the U.S. for one year, but nothing for these longer term secondary students. There is also useful information on a variety of important topics for foreign students coming to the U.S. for university, but not all in one place. There is no comprehensive work that covers everything international students need to know to help them transition well and thrive in their new setting, and nothing about the unavoidable social-emotional issues involved in such an enormous adjustment. This is the book that fills the information gap. From preparing to leave to understanding culture shock, beating homesickness, understanding American culture, dealing with academic challenges, staying healthy, managing money, choosing the right university and avoiding the pitfalls of independent living, "Survive and Thrive: The International Student's Guide to Succeeding in the U.S." tackles the most common challenges international students face in their transition to the U.S. and gives them strategies for overcoming them. This is a guide book that helps these students understand what takes place in transition and gives them the tools and strategies they need to not only survive but to thrive in the adjustment. Parents will appreciate the chapter dedicated to how they can come alongside their students, prepare them for the journey and support them throughout this major transition as well as a chapter to help their student deal with re-entry.

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