Management of Healthcare Organizations : An Introduction

Management of Healthcare Organizations : An Introduction


Instructor Resources: Test bank, PowerPoint slides for each chapter, and suggested answers to discussion questions. Management problems are complex and rarely fixed with a single, universal solution. Particularly in healthcare organizations, management is fluid, and the "right" approach depends on a variety of ever-changing factors.

Management of Healthcare Organizations: An Introduction provides an integrated, practical approach to management that is applicable to all kinds of healthcare organizations. The book prepares future managers and leaders to assess situations and develop solutions with confidence.

Author Peter C. Olden combines extensive real-world management experience with academic expertise to explain fundamental management theories, concepts, methods, and tools and how to apply them in healthcare organizations. Adopting a student-centered approach, he uses a fresh, engaging style and clear organization of content supported by many exhibits, sidebars, and an appealing design. Although primarily intended for undergraduate students interested in managing healthcare organizations, this book is also a valuable resource for allied health majors and practicing healthcare managers.

This edition has been updated extensively with three new case studies; current examples, exercises, and data; and new or expanded information on these and other topics:
Population health and the continuum of careStrategic planningHorizontal process organizingDiversity and inclusionObtaining and retaining staffLeading and motivating peoplePerformance improvement, Six Sigma, and LeanOrganizational change management methodsProfessionalism and emotional intelligenceEach chapter begins with learning objectives and a real-world example based on an extended, contemporary case study that runs through the book and connects all the chapters. The book also features an end-of-chapter mini case study and seven integrative case studies. These cases enable students to use concepts and methods from multiple chapters to fully resolve a given management problem, reinforcing the chapters' concepts. Chapter summaries and discussion questions offer additional learning opportunities. The writing style and activities help students learn management as an integrated body of knowledge and tools they can use in their careers.
Whether you are new to healthcare management or are looking to advance your career, Management of Healthcare Organizations teaches the fundamental principles and skills needed to successfully manage a healthcare organization.

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